Why Do You Volunteer?

“My current medicine and treatments haven’t been successful, so I wanted try something else.” 

  “I receive more personal and immediate healthcare attention for my condition than I do with my main doctor."

“Well, I don’t have medical insurance and can’t afford to see a doctor.” 

“I like receiving compensation for volunteering.”

These are just a few reasons why so many of you have decided to volunteer for one or more of our clinical studies.  And because of your past, present, and future participation, we say  thank you!

Clinical Research is a research study that provides human volunteers an opportunity to help the medical community find answers to specific health concerns, discover new treatments, improve health and to examine the effectiveness of current medical products and procedures. 

What is Clinical Research?

About Participating

The Role of a Volunteer

A volunteer's role is important to researchers understanding specific health issues.  During our gathering of general medical information, it becomes the volunteer's responsibility to provide accurate information about their health, medication, and family’s medical history.  All information obtained is held confidential and is used to properly qualify patients for a study.

Once a volunteer qualifies for the study of interest and is enrolled, full participation of the following will aid in successful study results:

* attend all scheduled visits take the study-related * medication as instructed (if supplied)    


* follow the study-related procedures as instructed *


* complete written or electronic diaries (if required) *


* alert our staff of any adverse affects *


* report any medical changes or new medications *

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